Andre Lavaysse

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André LAVAYSSE was a french sculptor, draughtsman and art restorer.
Born in 17 April 1906, in Gourdon, he died 15 May 1991, in Choisy-le-Roi.
André Lavaysse started his training in Cahors, before moving to Paris, where he was guided by Charles Despiau.
André Lavaysse is a figurative sculptor, whose work is important and is including figures, animals. low reliefs, statues, busts, medallions, decorative schemes. He participated in numerous exhibitions such as Salon des artistes français in 1928, the Exhibition of Catalan artists in 1947, where Picasso also exhibited. In 1950, an exhibition have been dedicated to him in Paris.
He participated in many restoration of historical monuments, like the sculptures of the Madeleine church, the reliefs of the Arc de Triomphe, the Navy Ministry trophies or those of the palace of the Elysee, the tympan of Michel-Ange Slodtz, the Hotel de la Marine (also called Hotel du Garde-Meuble), which was put down in 1976 and replaced by a copy made by Lavaysse.
Some of his works can be seen in various museums, such as the Hunting Museum Gien or the National Museum of Modern Art of Paris.
His birth town – Gourdon – has ordered him a statue in 1949. It was a boar which has been delivered in 1951. The statue was realized in white limestone and it shows the commitment of this sculptor to the figurative traditional canons of academic sculpture of the 1930s.
The work is a sculpture ronde-bosse in the technique of direct carving (introduced by Brancusi) in a white limestone, on a rectangular base.
 Another limestone statue bears the signature of the French sculptor André Lavaysse. This is a purchase order to the artist in 1954 under the title “La Vierge”
But André Lavaysse has made not only carved sculptures, but bronzes too. Here it is a very beautiful ferret.
Makassar Gallery is proud to present one of the rarest, a bronze representing Diana, the Goddess of the hunt, with a deer and a fawn. 
The sculpture is a classic subject of the goddess of the hunt, represented with her bow and her favorite animals: the deer and its fawn. We could say it is a common subject, often met, but what makes the difference is the fact it is realized in the lost wax technique and patinated in a very dark – black patina.
The main details can be noticed in the specific art deco lines, but the statue is left unpolished, almost like it got out of the cast, only the beautiful patina applied. The ensemble is delivering the sensation of peace, the animals are quite and resting, while the goddess is watching the deer, exhaling a feeling of protectiveness.

A large piece, cast by the renowed foundry Susse Freres, wearing the foundry mark inset on the plinth, it is for sure an item that every Art Deco lover would love to own it.

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