Bertoncello Ceramic

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 We started to collect Bertoncello Ceramic as we loved it at first sight. We like the earthen colors, the shades, the textures, but first of all we liked the shapes. 
When we started collecting them, nobody knew to much about… so we gathered some information here so you, our faithful reader, can find out about Bertoncello too!

Letitia Nika
Online Gallery Specialist

Bertoncello ceramic

previously named LPB has been founded in 1956 at Schiavon, Vicenza, Italy.
The former name LPB comes from the initials of the founders: Lini, Marco Pizzato and Giovanni Bertoncello (1930-2011), name which is soon changed into „Bertoncello Ceramiche d’Arte”, under the direct management of Giovanni Bertoncello, that, thanks to his artistic and entrepreneurial capabilities, brings the company to achieve great success, both in Italy and in the foreign market, so much that in the early seventies the factory have more than 30 employees.
The company remains active until 1999.
The ceramics of Bertoncellos’s have organic forms, with something ethnic; are usually ocher or beige, sienna faded towards the end, to underline the volumes, decorated with enamels, colored or decorated by sagging or dripping.
The most valuable are colored (blue and red) or white grainy. There also exists another vein, completely different, with streaks of color red-orange and yellow on blue night, very pop, almost acidic, which makes them look like a lot more to the sisters from across the Alps (Italy is not new to glazes “lava” or flare-ups, see the production of San Marino). The brand Bertoncello relates to the name of a great potter, Roberto Rigon (some of these vessels in fact publish letters RR below, as well as the part number). 
Still little known to most people, they worth to be collected, as they are affordable and very decorative.