Charles Murat – a jeweler in the nineteenth century

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About Charles Murat and Maison Murat we didn’t know to much information… until one day, when we acquired a beautiful, funny egg-holder, which made us curious.

Charles Murat - Coquetier

This egg-cup is so beautiful and fine chiseled that we had to know more about the author!

Charles Murat started his career by manufacturing jewellery and gold-plated wares.
Murat, with his premises at 62 rue des Archives and 1 rue des Grands Chantiers in Paris, registered his first sponsor’s mark on the 18th of February 1851. He was manufacturer of chains, bracelets, rings, etc.

Murat & Cie , a manufacturing-jeweller at 6 rue des Archives and 62 rue des Archives, registered their sponsor’s mark on the 3rd of July 1884 and the 20th of August 1884. Another sponsor’s mark was registered by Charles Murat at 62 rue des Archives on the 3rd of June 1897. It is not known when these marks were struck off.

Murat exhibited and received prizes at the Universal Exhibitions of 1855, 1862, 1867, in Philadelphia in 1876 and in Paris in 1878.

By 1900 the Maison Murat, at 62 rue des Archives, was an important business, and a large part of its production was silverware, cutlery and silver tableware, including tumblers, napkin rings, cups for coffee, tea and chocolate, etc. The firm was active until about 1900, when a number of its flatware patterns were bought by Olier & Caron.

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