Jeannine Nathan

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Large plaster sculpture by Jeannine Nathan figuring a standing man on squared terrace.

 Jeannine Nathan

Jeannine Nathan was born in 1924 in Algiers.
She moves together with her family to Paris in 1933, she returns to Algeria during World War II, and then she comes back in 1945. Around 1950 she is introduced by her mother to Ossip Zadkine (1890-1967) to learn sculpture. Zadkine used to show his students’ works at young sculptors’ competitions, so Jeannine Nathan wins in 1953 the price André Susse at the Gallery Simone Badinier in Paris, for her sculpture named „the God Pan”.

In order to develop herself as an artist, in 1955 she moves up in her new atelier in Claude Matrat Street at Issy-les-Moulineaux. She exhibits her works every year at Salon des expositions de la Porte de Versailles and she gather like this a clientele of her own all over France and in the neighborhood.
She expressed herself as an artist in three fields:
Between 1955-1978 mostly as a ceramist, she got the silver in 1961as a ceramist-sculptor at Chambre des Métiers de Paris, she receives the silver prize in Tchecoslovaquie in 1962 and in 1962 she gets the gold medal as ceramist decorator.

Jeannine Nathan

Starting 1970 she dedicates herself to the art of jewelry and she creates silver and precious stones jewelries. She tried to Talosel technique, creating jewelry, frames or small mirrors.
She also made compositions of wire and welded pieces of iron or cigarette cases and boxes, adorned with crystals.

She never abandoned her first love – the Sculpture. In her workshop always hovered the fresh smell of wet clay and her hands were shaping with joy and love the earth characters, nudes expressing different aspects of her art and sensitivity.

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