Séraphin Van den Hoeck, furniture maker

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Probably most part of the lovers of the decorative arts, of course, not the amateurs of specific author design, will ask themselves who is Séraphin Van den Hoeck, this name almost beeing invisible on the auction houses lists, galleries inventory or specialized websites.

Born in 1904, Séraphin Van den Hoeck was the son of the sculptor and woodcarver Louis Van den Hoeck. The Gent “Wegwijzers” mention L. Van den Hoeck (written in different ways) successively in Akkergem Street No. 23 (1920) , Sint-Jansvest No. 16 ( 1921) and the Kortedagsteeg 23 (1927 ), explicitly as a cabinetmaker. He worked more with the architect Emile De Weerdt. A name card from Mrs. A. Van den Hoeck mentions 1907 as the date of foundation of the house. After completing his studies at the Geent Academy of Fine Arts, Seraphin began in 1927 its own carpentry shop in St. Pietersnieuw Street. Approx. 8 years later he moved his business and studio to another property in St. Pietersnieuwstraat, current number 97. Around 1969 he stopped the manufacture of furniture and he was solely focused on interior decoration.

Séraphin Van den Hoeck has made ​​a lot of style furnishings, rich in sculptural work. From 1927 until the second half of the ’30s, he has also made ​​contemporary furniture, veneered with exotic wood or painted in typical green, blue, red and cream-white and sometimes decorated with gold or silver geometric –  figurative motifs. Although the designs were often made by his own hands, but also the contribution of the architects Edgar Lelubre and Mathys was important. Thus, they designed a green bedroom in the late 20s exhibited at the Cercle artistique et littéraire Ghent (an exact date could not be determined). The bedroom of wich a dressing table in 1995 was shown at the Museum A. Vanderhaeghen was designed by the duo to engineer Bontinck. (Norbert Poulain “Interbellum”)
Seraphin Van den Hoeck finds his place in the gallery of the most renowed belgium designers, whom, among De Coene Freres, they are more and more re-evaluated, especially in Belgium.

In our gallery we had the pleasure during the years, to show to the art lovers several items or arangements by Séraphin Van den Hoeck, in this very moment we still have some of his pieces.

Here they are the last items we are proposing through our gallery:

Séraphin Van den Hoeck Floor lamp

– floor lamp (available)

 Seraphin Van den Hoeck Fireplace Mantel

– summer firescreen (available)

Séraphin Van den Hoeck Sconces

– sconces (available)

– living room interior (partialy sold)

In conclusion, a designer with a pregnant sense of color, an interesting join of geometry and classic trends, a joy to the eye of every art lover.

Letitia Nika
Online Gallery Specialist

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