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Elias Svedberg Safari Chair


Questions About this item?

A Safari armchair designed by Elias Svedberg, Sweden, 1940s.
Elias Svedberg developed the successful Triva concept in the mid-forties for NK: furniture that was sold in boxes and that was to be assembled by the customer. The design of this chair dates from 1944, considerably earlier than the more renown Sirocco chair by his compatriot Arne Norell. The armchair was designed to be delivered in a Classic flat package with easy-to-understand installation instructions. The armchair was left in production for many, many years, probably until the late 1960s.

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The TRIVA Safari armchair designed by Elias Svedberg, Sweden, 1940s.
Made of wood, brown harness leather armrests and dark blue canvas.
The chair is in a very good used condition. Beautiful patina to the wood and leather, original upholstery also in very good condition. Shipping will be done in partly disassembled shape.

Dimensions: Height 76 cm (20 in.), width 60 cm (23,62 in.), depth 60 cm (23,62 in.), seat height 34 cm (13, 58 in.).

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