Pink Lips Sofa Dali Style


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Pink Lips Sofa in the Style of Salvador Dali

Around 1934-1935, Dali used a photographic portrait of the actress Mae West, to paint a gouache picture called: The Face of Mae West which may be used as a surrealistic apartment. The painting illustrates his original plan for a paranoiac-critical room based on the features of her face. Unfortunately, the project remained unexecuted until the opening of the Dali Museum in Figueras in 1974. However, during the 1930s Dali did manage to have several sofas made according to his design.

Mae West Lips Dali

Mae West Lips Dali


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Gorgeous pink sofa, lips shaped, in the style of the famous Dalilips.
Excellent condition, newly re-upholstered in pink, this sofa is an unique piece, made to order to decorate a private interior.
Length 235 cm , Depth 98 cm , Height 98 cm
Made of two dismountable pieces, each 235x98x50 cm

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