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Art Deco Dining Table


Questions About this item?

An exquisite, UNIQUE, Art Deco dining table and 6 chairs, by the Hubert Martin et Ploquin, part of a complete dining room.

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Art Deco Dining Table and Six Chairs by Hubert Martin and Ploquin

An exquisite, unique, Art Deco dining table, part of a complete dining room. Designed by Hubert Martin et Ploquin, edited by Marber. Made of solid, very heavy wood, veneered in mahogany, beautiful unusual rounded shape. Condition: Good restored condition, with normal use.
Depth 100cm (39.37 in.), width 180cm (70.86 in.), height 80cm (31.49 in.)
Literature: Mobilier et Decoration No.12, December 1932, p.529.
Also available the sideboard, commode, vitrine and armchairs in the reference, or contact us if you’d like to purchase to complete dining room.

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