Exquisite Art Deco Fullsize Sleigh Bed with Nightstands, France, circa 1925


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Exquisite Art Deco Bed, France 1925

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Amazing design, refined shape, specific to the full Art Deco French period, this bed would make an outstanding point of interest in an elegant bedroom. Rounded head rest and spacious nightstands, the foot end is finely worked, with interesting finial details. In good original condition, with some wear and use of time, light scratches. We can refinish it on customer’s request, in high glossy clear lacquer or in piano lack or, why not? in any desired color. It’s wonderful shaped can be refinished in bold colors to fit in a daring modern interior. If you need relaquer, please ask for price.

circa 2.5 m width, by 2.4 m length, mattress size (full body) ca 160 x 190 cm.
Please note that this item needs up to 2-3 weeks before is ready for shipping.

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