Set of 2 Kokeshi Naruko Japanese Wood Hand Painted Doll

Kokeshi Naruko Japanese Dolls


Kokeshi Naruko Japanese Dolls

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Kokeshi Naruko Japanese Dolls
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Kokeshi Naruko Japanese Dolls

Kokeshi Naruko Japanese Dolls


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Japanese dolls called Kokeshi, northern Japan, 1940s-1950s. Handmade by Japanese artisans from wood. Have a simple trunk as a body and an enlarged head. Painted by hand with lines to define the face, body painted with in bands at the neck and base with large red chrysanthemum blossoms on the shaft. Covered with a layer of wax. Each doll is marked with the signature of the artist on the bottom. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: the big one – height 30 x Ø 8.5 cm the short one – height 24 x Ø 7 cm.

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