Vintage glass sculptures of a Venetian couple “tribute to Goldoni,” the famous Venetian theatre playwright Carlo Goldoni, whose works are steeped in the language and culture of Venice.

Murano Glass Dancing Figurines, G. Toffolo, 1960’s

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Murano Glass Dancing Figurines, G. Toffolo, Murano, Italy 1960’s.
Beautiful vintage glass sculptures of a dancing couple, entirely handmade using several traditional Venetian glass techniques. An exquisite couple in a dancing posture, perfectly proportioned.   The artist has skillfully captured the light blue tone, intricate facial features, and graceful dance movements in the artwork. This pair of Venetian glass figurines will make the focus point of your living room. Everyone will stop to look at them and appreciate the mastery of work. They are also perfect for an original and luxurious present. Both are in excellent condition.
Dimensions: Woman 20x11x29, Man 9x11x32.

People highly sought them as they were in high demand. They were made by Venetian Glass Company, a glassworks in Blackpool, England, set up and operated by Franco Giancarlo Toffolo from the 1960s to the 1980s.

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Murano Glass Dancing Figurines
Franco Toffolo for Caithness Glass ©1986
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