Lea Stein Serigraphy Brooch


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Lea Stein Serigraphy Brooch with flowers decor, of the 1960’s

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Lea Stein Serigraphy Brooch. Very rare and highly collectible pin by Lea Stein with flowers decor, of the 1960’s. Inscribed v-shaped metal clasp. Serigraph print on rhodoid.
The serigraphs are rare as they were made before all their original patterns were lost when Lea Stein’s workshop burnt in the 70’s.
She never made them again after that.
Condition: Very good preowned condition.
Creator: Lea Stein
Materials and Techniques: rhodoid
Marks: Marked on the reverse Lea Stein – Paris.
Date (~): 1960’s
Place of Origin: France
Measurements: 4.8 cm diameter

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Léa Stein (born 11 February 1936) is a French artist and accessories maker, known for her compressed plastic buttons, brooches and bracelets. She is often hailed as “the most notable and innovative designer of plastic jewelry of the 20th century.
Lea Stein’s brooches feature animals, cars, household items, celebrities and people in a distinctive style, sometimes resembling Art Deco (which leads some people to mistakenly date her work to the 1920s). Each brooch has a name, sometimes as simple as ‘Fox’ or more descriptive like ‘Quarrelsome’ the cat. Each design might come in dozens of different colors and patterns.

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