R Tenn, Sweden, Mid Century Pewter & Resin Pair of Cufflinks 1950s

Swedish Pewter Cufflinks Unisex


Pewter & Resin Swedish Cufflinks

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Pewter & Resin Swedish Cufflinks
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Pewter & Resin Swedish Cufflinks

Swedish Pewter Cufflinks Unisex


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Swedish Pewter Cufflinks Unisex, a pair of accessories of the Mid-Century period. Made by skillful jewelry makers so you can accessorize your casual outfits.
Condition: Very good, minor wear
Creator: Rune Tennesmed of Sweden
Materials and Techniques: pewter, resin
Marks: R TENN Sweden
Date of Approximate Manufacture: c.1950
Place of Origin: Sweden
Measurements: 1,7×1,7cm

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Rune Tennesmed AB was started in 1952 by Rune Tennesmed. The manufacture of arts and crafts products started on a small scale but over the years has expanded into an extensive and well-known company. Approximately half of the production is sold within the country and the remainder is exported to several countries.

For over 40 years, Rune Tennesmed has been active as a designer and artist.

Rune Tennesmed works with different materials and in different areas. Silver, Pewter, Glass, Wood and Forging to name a few.

Perhaps it is with his design and production of pewter that he has become best known and won appreciation internationally.

Rune Tennesmed has participated in and has had a large number of his own exhibitions within the country and around the world.

Within the country, statistically every fourth person owns an object designed by Rune Tennesmed.

With his ideas and design, Rune Tennesmed is always on the way forward, always with something new going on. Interested in giving his audience beautiful and purposeful things to enjoy.

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