Bohemian Green Liquor Set


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Bohemian Czech Green Gold Decanter Pitcher & 6 Cordial Shot Glasses

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Bohemian Green Liquor Set, blown glass, Czech art glass bar decanter and six cordial goblets set in green glass, richly painted in gold with white and soft pink enamel flowers. Very good used condition, no chips or cracks, only some gold rubbing to one side of the stopper not very visible.
Decanter height with stopper 25 cm [10 in]

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Typically, Bohemian glass is very colorful, and often richly decorated. It may be faceted, engraved, etched, or painted, and many works of Bohemian glass are also very thin and delicate, expressing the skills of the artisan. The fine color and delicacy of Bohemian glass made it a prized artifact when other glassworks were still struggling to produce cumbersome, dense pieces, establishing a strong reputation for Bohemian glassmakers which endures to this day.

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