Art Nouveau Swedish Strindberg Hammered Copper Lamp. This lamp has a rustic shaped, inspired from the early Swedish history, Sweden, circa 1910-1920.
The lamp is a typical representative of the national romantic style that developed during the first decade of the 20th century. Although the lamp was originally launched by Karlskrona Lampfabrik in the 1910s, the “Strindberg” name has been atributed to the lamp only in the later 1950s, when Björn-Orvar Skantze visited the Nordic Museum’s Strindberg exhibition and saw that August Strindberg’s work table was illuminated by just such a desk lamp.

Swedish Strindberg Copper Lamp

Art Nouveau Swedish Strindberg Hammered Copper Lamp

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Swedish Strindberg Copper Lamp
A beautiful representative Jugendstil / Art Nouveau table lamp, made of hammered copper with glass dome.
Under layer of opaline glass covered by a colored layer of marbleized glass in shades of purple, green, white.
It’s making a very cozy light.
Dimensions: Height 51 cm (20 in.)

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