Antique Pair of Viennese Secession Brass Table Candlesticks by WMF, Germany circa 1900

WMF Candleholders Vienna Secession

WMF Candleholders Vienna Secession

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WMF Candleholders Vienna Secession, in original condition.
The original antique pair of brass candlesticks by WMF, which date back to circa 1900, are quite stylish, rare, and boast a timeless design. These candlesticks attract collectors from all over the world not only for their beauty but also for their versatility in various interior designs. Each candlestick is marked on the bottom and is of good quality and weight. We left them in their original condition, preserving their patina that had been formed over time. One can clean them and polish the brass for a shiny look.
Dimensions: 21×10.5×36 cm high.

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WMF Candleholders Vienna Secession
WMF impressed mark from 1880- ca. 1925
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