Summer Landscape Vase by Daum Frères

Daum Nancy Landscape vase

Daum Nancy Landscape vase
Daum Nancy Landscape vase

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Daum Nancy Landscape vase, France, early 1900.
Summer landscape cameo vase by Daum Frères, Nancy. ‘Messidor’ vase, 1908. Cased glass, clear, milky opalescent powder inclusions. Etched and enameled pattern with trees in the summer, grisaille paint. Signed: DAUM NANCY, cross of Lorraine and painter monogram. Impeccable original condition.

Dimensions: 12,5 cm height

Literature: Cf. Bardin, Daum, une industrie d’art lorraine, Metz 2004, p. 164.

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The Daum family worked at the beginning of the Art Nouveau era and created one of France’s most prominent glassworks. Established at the end of the 19th century, Daum’s renown was originally linked to the École de Nancy and the art of pâte-de-cristal, a major contributing factor in terms of its worldwide reputation.

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