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Daum Nancy Landscape Vase


Questions About this item?

Daum Frères, Nancy. ‘Crépuscule neige’ or ‘Paysage hiver’, vase, c1906.
Cased glass, clear, lemon yellow powder inclusions, etched, enamelled, Grisaille paint. Snowy landscape at sunset, rough ground.

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Winter Landscape Vase by Daum Frères, Nancy. Small frosted glass vase. Etched surface with enamel decoration of a landscape with trees and snow over a marmoreal background. Signed under the bottom.

Dimensions: 12,5 cm height

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The Daum family worked at the beginning of the Art Nouveau era and created one of France’s most prominent glassworks. Established at the end of the 19th century, Daum’s renown was originally linked to the École de Nancy and the art of pâte-de-cristal, a major contributing factor in terms of its worldwide reputation.

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