Muller Frères Lunéville bulbous vase with everted rim in cameo glass with red anemones décor.


Muller Freres Anemones Vase


Muller Freres Anemones Vase

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Muller Freres Anemones Vase
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Muller Freres Anemones Vase

Muller Freres Anemones Vase


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Muller Freres Anemones Vase, France ca. 1920

Art Nouveau vase in multi-layered glass with acid-etched decoration and engraved with anemones (flowers and buds), wheel carved finish. Bright contrasting colors in red and burgundy tones on an opalescent background of nuanced yellow, blue and black interlayer powders. Signed “Muller Frères Lunéville“. Excellent condition.

Dimensions: Height  7.08 in. (18 cm), Diameter: 5.11 in. (13 cm)
Similar model in L’ Art Verrier 1900 Art Nouveau and Art Deco Collections Privees, by Philippe Olland, Ed. Faton, p.182

Literature: Janine Bloch-Dermant “Le Guideargus de la verrerie” Les editions de l’amateur, p.111

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