“Murrine opache” by Carlo Scarpa, circa 1940.

Carlo Scarpa Murrine Opache

Carlo Scarpa Murrine Opache

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Carlo Scarpa Murrine Opache, designed for Venini, Italy.
A beautiful dish in red and black opaque murrine finished in the “battuto” technique on both sides.
Marked under the bottom “Venini, Murano, Made in Italy” (acid stamp).

Dimensions: Diameter 31 cm
Condition: Excellent

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To provide some background information, Carlo Scarpa was an Italian architect who was heavily influenced by the materials, landscape, and the history of Venetian culture, as well as by Japan. Scarpa’s interests in history, regionalism, invention, and the techniques of the artist and craftsman led to his ingenious glass and furniture designs. In fact, he started working for Venini in 1932 and was the artistic director of the brand until 1946. During this time, he left an indelible mark on the world of the Fornace (Kiln), thanks to his design. Moreover, his models went down in history, as he constantly searched for the most sophisticated techniques. His models went down in history. He constantly searched for the most sophisticated techniques.

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