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"Nerox a Petoni" Bottle by Ermanno Toso for Fratelli Toso


Questions About this item?

Bottiglia ‘Nerox a Petoni’, Ermanno Toso for Frattelli Toso

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Bottiglia ‘Nerox a Petoni’
Ermanno Toso for Frattelli Toso
Introduced at Venice Biennale in 1958

A tall bottle vase ‘Nerox a Petoni’, the blots in red, light blue and yellow, later model No.32888. Firm’s label to side.The bottle was originally meant to be exposed at the 1958 Venice Biennial, but after a row it was withdrawn. Toso wished again to exhibit the vase on 1962 without succes. Mid-60s, similar bottles with the neck cut took its place, under the model No. 32888 to 23890, for the Millefiori Cucchi, a liquor company.
Dimensions: 40,5 cm (16 in.)
Condition: Excellent.

Literature: M. Barovier: “Il vetro di Murano all Biennali, 1895 – 1972” Leonardo Arte, Milan, 1995, p.195.

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