Art Deco Vittorio Zecchin for MVM Cappellin Murano Chandelier, circa 1925

Vittorio Zecchin Murano Chandelier

Vittorio Zecchin Murano Chandelier

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Vittorio Zecchin Murano Chandelier, Absolutely genuine soffiato eight arms chandelier, adjustable, with extension and the second canopy. Classic design, fluid lines, transparent ribbed glass with interior metal structure. The purity of lines is highlighted by the use of glass with delicate hues. Silvered shell to support branches, some minor traces of time to the silvering. Electrified, in perfect functioning condition.

Height circa 100cm (29-1/3 in.) – 140 cm (55-1/8 in) with canopy
Diameter circa 90 cm (35-1/2 in).

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Vittorio Zecchin (Murano, 21 May 1878 – Murano, 15 April 1947) was an Italian artist.
From 1921 to 1925 he was the artistic director of the companyVetri Blown Muranesi Cappellin Venini & C., for which he creates classical pieces in light glass and with delicate colors; inspired by the 16th century pictorial style of Venetian painters, these vases were the first examples of modern works in Murano glass [4] . After the experience with Cappellin Venini, he continued, during the Thirties, to devote himself to the creation of very refined glass, collaborating with various glassworks [5] : Ferro-Toso (1930), A.Ve.M. Murano Glass Art (1932-1933) [6] , Salir (1932-1938), Barovier Seguso Ferro (1933-1934) and Fratelli Toso (1938).

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