Hannelore Dreutler, Goldgraal Commedia dell-àrte Vase, Studio Ahus, Sweden 1987

Hannelore Dreutler Goldgraal Vase, Studio Ahus, Sweden 1987

Hannelore Dreutler Goldgraal Vase

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Hannelore Dreutler Goldgraal Vase, Commedia dell-àrte, Studio Ahus, Sweden 1987

HANNELORE DREUTLER & ARTHUR ZIRNSACK, vase, “JL PANTALONE” from the series “Commedia dell-àrte”, goldengraal Studio Åhus 1987
Provenance: A private collection, Växjö.
Dimensions: Height 24.5 cm, diameter 21 cm.
Very good condition.

The Graal technique, which was developed at Orrefors in 1916, is a process that involves carving, engraving, or etching a design onto a parison of colored glass. After this initial step, the glass is reheated and cased in a thick layer of transparent glass before being inflated. This process, which is both intricate and fascinating, results in a beautiful and unique piece of art.
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