Impressive Unique Glass Box by Jack Ink


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Impressive Unique Glass Box by Jack Ink


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Unique piece glass lidded box, by Jack Ink

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Amazing, large glass lidded box, by Jack Ink. Sinuous form with shallow domed lid, ribbed wall. Colorless glass, with inclusions and fusing. Shallow estuarine and cast brass. Unique piece. Excellent condition. Signed: “Jack Ink A 2028”.
Height: 17 cm (6.7 in.), Width: 28 cm (11.03 in.), Depth: 14 cm (5.52 in.)

Jack Ink, glass artist, was born in 1944 in Canton, Ohio, United States. Jack Ink studied among others at the University of Wisconsin, where he started his career as assistant to Eric Rudans and Harvey K. Littleton, the founder of the international Studio glass movement. He has lived in Austria since 1975 and is founder of the Studio Glass Group Austria, heading the Glass Studio Franzensbad. Today Jack Ink’s work is in all important glass museums around the world. Honored with the Bavarian Government Award and the International renowned Coburg Award. The Glasmuseum Frauenau has dedicated various exhibitions to the work of Jack Ink. (internet source).


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