African Warrior Vintage Figurine


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Vintage Figurine of an African Warrior with Spear and Shield

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African Warrior Vintage Figurine, reminding the design of Leopold Anzengruber. A very beautiful sculpture, displaying an African Warrior with shield and brass spear. Executed in the 1950s, made of black-finished plaster. Very good condition.

Height: 15.75 in. (40 cm), Width: 10.24 in. (26 cm), Depth: 6.7 in. (17 cm)


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Léopold Anzengruber was born in 1912 in Austria. He discovered ceramics in Florence and finished his studies in 1942.
In 1948, he represented Gusti Mundt-Amann’s workshop in Vienna.
Inspired in 1951 by the “King of the Moors” and by Karl Hagenauer ( Wiener Werkstätte ), he designed many variants of  African figures. The “Negro Idea” was a period of absolute glory for the company.
In 1958, the company employed 96 people. Numerous groups of characters, animals and small sculptures were produced there. First, made by hand, the design and the type of production of these sculptures will evolve in time.
His death in 1979 quickly leaded to the rapid end of the business.
The factories of Anzengruber, Keramos as well as Frederich Goldscheider ( terracotta and ceramic figurines ) were leaders in Austria, known and distributed all over the world.

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