Ireneè Rochard Horse Heads


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Ireneè Rochard Horse Heads in Motion, Sculpture, Reveyrolis – Bronzier et Editeur d’Art – Paris, France, circa 1930

Catalogue editeur Reveyrolis
Catalogue editeur Reveyrolis, 1930s

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IRENEÈ ROCHARD Horse heads in motion, titled “Vers le But”, edited by Reveyrolis Paris, Bronzier d’Art.
Important and rare 1930s sculpture in terracotta with bronze effect finish. A highly collectible item that can beautifully decorate your home.
Signed I Rochard lower right, signed Edition Reveyrolis Paris to the backside, original label inside with model number 4245.
Referenced in the 1930 Catalogue edited by Reveyrolis under No. 4245
Minor wear.
Dimensions Height 42.5 cm
Irénée Rochard was a French decorative sculptor best known for his Art Nouveau-styled depictions of animals. Most often working in bronze, he also created several figurines in marble, ceramic, or wood.

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