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Art Deco Silvered Teapot and Warmer by Gustave Keller, Paris, 1930s


Questions About this item?

Art Deco silvered teapot and warmer by Gustave Keller, Paris, 1930s

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Art Deco silvered teapot and warmer made by the one of the most renowned and appreciate silversmith in Paris: Gustave Keller, Paris, 1930s. A gorgeous teapot, of an exquisite design, in the pure style of Art Deco, streamlined shape, with Makassar wood finials. Perfectly functioning, the teapot is fixed on its base through an interchangeable hinge, used to fix the teapot in front and behind for an easy use. Equipped with its own warmer, you can fill the tank with white spirit and heat it. At the end, use the candle snuffer to turn it off. Each item marked with manufacturer’s marks. Very good used condition.

Total height 34 cm (13.25 in.).

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