Sophisticated lidded box by WMF for Ikora Metall Collection.

WMF Ikora Lid Box

WMF Ikora Lid Box

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WMF Ikora Lid Box, an Art Deco silver plate decorative box with black enamel accent.
Built in a geometric shape, with lovely black enamel radial banded motif on the top and the body. Completed by a wide knob. One can use it to store keys or small objects.
Tower mark under the bottom, WMF – Ikora, rest from the manufacturer label.
Measurements: 16 cm diameter, 13 cm high.

Rare piece, in very good used condition, that can be also a lovely addition to any Art Deco lover’s collection.

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Ikora is a production line of WMF realized in 1927 by its NKA – Neue Kunstgewerbliche Abteilung (New Art-Commercial Department). This departme Hugo Debach, collector and passionate of Asian Art. WMF realized a wide production of items in a geometric style inspired to Art Deco and Japanese Art in brass and nickel hand-decorated with enamel applied by fusion to the surface of the metal. WMF made this under the mark Ikora Edelmetall.

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