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Björn Wiinblad Rosenthal Vase


Questions About this item?

Mid-Century Modern Rosenthal Björn Wiinblad Porcelaine Noire Vase

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Wonderful pillow shaped black porcelain richly decorated with gold hand painting. Björn Wiinblad designed this vase for Rosenthal, circa 1970s, part of the Porcelaine Noire series. You will love this vase because it will make the focus point of your interior. Signed with gold to the front, makers mark under the bottom. Excellent condition.
Dimensions: 16.5×7.5×15.5 cm

The vase belongs to the Shammuramat series of vases designed by Björn Wiinblad, which were also executed on cream colored porcelain. Design done in a flat matte finish with gilding, as a result it makes a beautiful contrast with the undecorated part of the vase in glossy finish.

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