Goebel Butcher Porcelain Pig


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Goebel West German, Porcelain Pig for the Butcher Shop, design Gerhard Wittmann

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Goebel Butcher Porcelain Pig for the Butcher Shop, design Gerhard Wittmann.
Wonderful porcelain pig with a wooden plate inscribed in three languages. This type of pig used to stand in a butcher shop so one would know from which part of the body the meat came. The text on the bottom of the base is in German, English and French with the corresponding numbers on the pig’s body.
Vintage from the 1970s, model 3205728, made in Germany.
MARKED with Goebel’s maker’s mark and form number.
Excellent condition, an item that can nicely decorate your kitchen.
Dimensions: 13 × 11 × 30 cm

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