Mid-century set of eight porcelain crown bowls by Gunnar Nylund, Rörstrand, Sweden.

Gunnar Nylund Porcelain Crown Bowls, Rörstrand Sweden


Gunnar Nylund Porcelain Bowls

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Gunnar Nylund Porcelain Bowls
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Gunnar Nylund Porcelain Bowls

Gunnar Nylund Porcelain Crown Bowls, Rörstrand Sweden


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Gunnar Nylund Porcelain Crown Bowls, Rörstrand Sweden 2nd half 20th Century.

Set of eight white bowls, made of fine thin porcelain, crowns impressed, satin glazed, foot enhanced with gold, marked under the bottom. Due to their impressed relief design they would make an eye catcher to any interior when used as candle holders. All in excellent condition.
Big bowl: Ø 18.5 cm, Height 9.5
3 smaller bowls: Ø 9.5 cm, Height 7 cm
1 medium bowl: Ø 9, Heigh 7.5 cm
2 small bowls: Ø 6 cm, Height 4 cm
1 smallest bowl: Ø 5 cm, Height 3 cm

The first recorded incarnation of this “Crown Bowl” design by Nylund was made in thick high-gloss glaze for ALP Lidköping Porslinsfabrik and first exhibited in 1932 by the Gallerie Moderne in Stockholm. The mini bowl, “Candia” dates from 1943-1950 and it was designed by Gunnar Nylund for Rörstrand, Sweden.

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