Lapid Israel Zebra Ceramic Vases


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Mid-century Israel Lapid pottery
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Mid-century Israel Lapid pottery

Lapid Israel Zebra Ceramic Vases


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Mid-century Israel Lapid pottery pieces

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Wonderful Mid-century Israel Lapid pottery pieces featuring trademark Lapid markings on the bottom and dark bluish grey interior glaze. Lapid is the most renowned and collected kibbutz-based ceramic studio in Israel. During their nearly five decades of production they created an array of ceramics using different motifs and shapes. These vases are decorated in “Zebra” motif. Despite being almost 50 years old, they are strikingly contemporary, very modernist and cool. Left vase: 26,7 cm height, 19 cm width, 10 cm depth, excellent condition, Lapid mark on the bottom and form number 152. Right vase: 26,7 cm height, 14 cm top, 19 cm bottom, very good condition, small chip on the base rim, not visible when standing upright, Lapid mark on the bottom, form number 159 and inscribed “hand painted by DAN” Israel, circa 1965.

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