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Mari Simulsson, Upsala Ekeby, Ceramic Vases, 1950s


Questions About this item?

Mari Simmulson for Upsala Ekeby, two ceramic vessels

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Gorgeous vase and bowl of 1950s Scandinavian Upsala Ekeby pottery ceramic. Designed by Mari Simmulson.
Triangularly shaped, outside finished in beige and black earthenware nuances, with an organic stylized pattern, inside in mustard glaze which gives an extra visual attraction, focusing watchers’ attention. These pieces, reflecting the high sense of style and design of the Scandinavian pottery, have both a great aesthetic value and in the same time are to be used in a practical way. Both items marked under the bottom, the bowl wears the manufacturer original label on the wall.

Vase high 32 x diameter 17.5 cm
Bowl high 12.5 x diameter 25 cm

Very good used condition accordingly to their age, with some normal wear of time.

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