Pair of Faience Pitchers, Sitting Greyhound, Saint Clement, France, circa 1900

Saint Clement Greyhound Pitchers

Saint Clement Greyhound Pitchers
Saint Clement Greyhound Pitchers

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Saint Clement Greyhound Pitchers.
Very rare pair of pitchers in barbotine of Saint-Clément, shaped as sitting dogs (greyhounds), with tails as handles, weirs formed by the mouths. Large polychrome flowers and blue worsted coat on them and handles.

Part of the GYPP dogs family, each pitcher is signed and numbered 507/1 en creux, on the bottom, CK and the St.Clement marks covered with glaze.

Condition: Excellent
Dimensions: Height 34 cm (13.39 in.).
Literature: This model is referenced in the book “Pichets en barbotine” of M.Bottero.
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The faience manufacture of Saint-Clement was created in 1758 by Jacques Chambrette, owner of a faience manufacture at Luneville. It manufactured high-end segment of prestigious pieces. During the 18th century it produced as well household goods in ordinary pottery, luxury items and decorative items in earthenware. After 1920 production includes dishes and household articles earthenware (often with antique ornaments) and decorative objects (animals) crackled faience (1925-1930). The production of barbotine is continued until 1930.

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