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White Porcelain Vases Set of 4


Questions About this item?

White Kaiser Porcelain Decorative Vases

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1) Porcelain Jug by Kaiser, Germany, 1979-1990, Kaiser stamp under the bottom, impressed form number. Dimensions: Height: 22cm, Condition: Good, one restored chip to the handle
2) Porcelain Vase, Kaiser, Germany, 1990-2001, Kaiser stamp under the bottom, Designer’s signature M.Frey and form stamp impressed Dimensions: 16,5 cm,
Condition: Good
3) Porcelain Vase by Porcelain Arnon, France, 2nd half of 20th Century. Vase re-edited in one of the molds of the Marco Polo collection of former Sarreguemines Porcelain factory, found in the armored rooms,1940. Dimensions: Height 12 cm, Condition: Good
4) Porcelain vase with stylized leafage decor, form number impressed under the bottom. Dimension: Height 13,3 cm, Condition: Good

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