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French Silvered Bronze Medal


Questions About this item?

A superb silvered bronze medal designed by Andre Leon Galtie in the 1920’s.

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French Silvered Bronze Medal, designed by Andre Leon Galtie in the 1920’s.
Signed on the front AL Galtie, marked on the side “bronze” and makers mark.

Dimensions: 5 cm (2 in.) Diameter
Condition: Good, some scratches and wear of time, good original silvering over all.

André Leon Galtié (1908-1998) was a noted French engraver and medalist. He used the subject of Saint Cecile several times in his works, mostly for producing medals for music contests or for events with musical theme. Saint Cecilia was the Patron of music and of the blind. She is represented on the medal front as playing a lyre, while the backside is decorated with a sun and leafage, in the bottom with the inscription “Le Conseil General des Bouches du Rhone”.

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