Small cabinet for jewelry, Oriental design, black lacquer and mother of pearl inlays

Inlaid Wooden Jewelry Box

Inlaid Wooden Jewelry Box
Oriental jewelry box

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Inlaid Wooden Jewelry box made of black lacquered wood with Japanese décor.  Shaped as a small cabinet with two doors and two drawers, lined with vivid red plush.
Doors decorated with mother of pearl inlays, gold painted details. In very good original condition, with normal wear of time.
This gorgeous jewelry cabinet would make a perfect addition in  order to store your jewelries.

Height: 24.5 cm, Depth: 9.5 cm

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raden, Japanese decorative technique used for lacquerware and woodenware, in which linings of mother-of-pearl or of abalone shells are cut into designs and either glued onto or inserted into the surface of the lacquer or wood. There are several varieties of raden lacquerware.
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