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Factice Perfume Display Bottles Guerlain Lanvin


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Three vintage store display fragrance bottles / Factice perfume bottles

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Factice Perfume Guerlain Lanvin Store Display Bottles

Three vintage store display fragrance bottles, all in excellent condition.
From left to right:
– Arpege Lanvin H 10 cm (3.9 in.). Black, ball shaped bottle, known as Boule Noire. This bottle was created in 1933. Marked with gold logo of Madame Lanvin and her daughter to the front, solid glass gilded ribbed stopper, the bottom of the bottle is embossed “Lanvin” on one side and “Made in France” on the opposing side.
– Chant D’Aromes Guerlain H 15 cm (5.9 in.). Created in 1962. Made of clear glass, with a conical stopper fit into a ribbed rim. Resting on an oval base, etched under the bottom: Guerlain Bottle Made in France.
– Parure Guerlain H 21 cm (8.27 in.). Hard to find 1974 perfume bottle. Smoked glass stopper, the bottle made of clear glass with a “wave” pattern, it rests on a frosted black glass base. Embossed with the logo GUERLAIN. Marked under the base, etched as pictured and label FACTICE.

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