Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Kilim Rug

Ingegerd Silow Swedish Rug

Ingegerd Silow Swedish Rug

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Ingegerd Silow Swedish Rug, a vintage carpet signed by Ingegerd Silow, design “Båstad” flatweave rölakan designed for Eric Ewers AB. An outer border of bright olive green surrounds an inside border of mismatched colors, featuring stony grey on the left and right and a zipper-like pattern of orange brown on the top and bottom.
Dimensions: 169 × 237 cm
In good overall condition, minor wear to the fringes.
This rug was professionally washed and it is ready to find a new home.
Suitable for any room in your home or commercial property, perfect for use as a bedroom rug, Living room rug, entranceway rug or even home office rug.

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