Rolakan Pillow, Cushion, Sofa Cushion by Selma Giöbel, Sweden, circa 1900

Selma Giöbel Rolakan Pillow, Cushion, Sofa Cushion, Sweden, circa 1900


Selma Giöbel Pillow

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Selma Giöbel Rolakan Pillow
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Selma Giöbel Rolakan Pillow

Selma Giöbel Rolakan Pillow, Cushion, Sofa Cushion, Sweden, circa 1900


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Selma Giöbel Rolakan Pillow, Sweden circa 1900.

Selma Giöbel designed this rare Rolakan pillow circa 1900. This is a living example of an exquisite work of art. Not only the timeless geometric design and the vivid colors, but also the very good condition report for its age, make this sofa cushion a must have for any vintage textile lover and not only. Backside made of dark blue fabric, down filling.
Dimensions: 55 x 50 cm

Selma Giöbel was a Pioneer in Swedish textile art and one of the foremost painters of the late 19th century. As early as interested in the female handiwork, Selma was one of the co-founders of the Association of Handicraft Friends. Its first exhibition was the 1874, 1878 World Exhibition in Paris, (1887 was the year that the Friends of handicraft and its rules were adopted and properly organized), as well as the world’s Columbian exposition at Chicago 1893, where she was very appreciated.

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