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Swedish Hand-Woven Tapestry


Questions About this item?

Woven Wool Tapestry in the Style of Evelyn Ackerman

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Tapestry / wall decoration woven in Flemish technique, depicting an outdoor scene with people and trees in several shades of green, red and yellow against a brown-black background. Wool yarn in weft, lingarn in warp. Fitted on wooden panel. Overall good condition, some wear to the fringes.
Dimensions: 70x44cm [30,31 x 17,32 in.]

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Flemish fabric actually means fabric that comes from Flanders, but has become synonymous with the weaving technique used. It is a simplified tapestry technique. Flemish fabrics have been used for cushions for chairs, benches and carriages among wealthy people, preferably in southern Sweden. The elements are picked up and create soft contour lines but at the same time sharp transitions between the colors. The weaving is often performed in a special flame loom in a standing position, with a vertical warp that can be rolled down, but in Blekinge a horizontal warp has been used. For smaller Flemish fabrics, a simpler weave frame can be used in a horizontal position.

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