Tunisian Rug Gafsa Kilim


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Tunisian Rug Gafsa Kilim
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Tunisian Rug Gafsa Kilim

Tunisian Rug Gafsa Kilim


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Modernist Tunisian Rug or Wall Hanging, Kilim, Gafsa

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Charming flat woven rug from Tunisia, woven in the region of Gafsa in 1967. Very bright colors, traditional camel pattern and many different symbolic motifs. Original manufacturer label, labeled, dated and guaranteed by the National Crafts Office and genuine authenticity seal. Gafsa wall hanging or rug from Southern Tunisia, handmade in bright colorations. Gafsa – a village in southern Tunisia noted for its fine weaving.

Dimensions: 2 x 3m [6.56 ft x 9.84 ft].

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